Colourful Cactus Flowers is brought to you by maker Christabel Mitchell, who is based in West Yorkshire, UK. Mitchell graduated with a Fine Art Degree in 2008, specialising in painting and drawing.

'My designs are inspired from things seen on my travels abroad, such as motifs from European culture, folk art (such as Hungarian flowers) and art nouveau, such as Alphonse Mochas's design motifs and colour palette. I 'm also inspired by all things floral, tropical and botanical! 

All jewellery is designed, hand-painted, constructed, packaged and photographed by myself.

Colours and flowers are a big part of my work as they can enrich and brighten up our lives and the people around us.'

CCF is a new independent business and we hope you can help it blossom. Please keep coming back to the website, Etsy, instagram and Pinterest to see new additions to the collection. Thank you for taking the time to look at our jewellery!

=How It's MADE = 

All our jewellery is designed and handmade by Christabel. This may involve making some sketches in a sketchbook first, and then drawing it onto a computer using vector software. The designs are then sent off to a laser cutting company (based in the UK) who cut out our designs from birch plywood. They then get posted back to us, and are then ready to be hand painted. This is an especially fun part as we get to experiment with lots of different colours of paint! The item is then coated with a few layers of gloss to add to the aesthetic of the jewellery as well as giving it a layer of protection. The final stage of production is to attach the relevant parts, such as earring hoops, brooch pins, or chains- and then voila - your piece of jewellery is made!

Below are some time-lapse videos of our jewellery being made, so you can see how its done!



= Caring for your jewellery =

If you have bought one of jewellery pieces, or just want to find out more about cleaning our jewellery please click here to read our jewellery care advice.

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